Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus: it is urgent to redesign the global economic system

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The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Muhammad Yunus, called for a redesign of the current global economic system in order to solve the three major problems facing humanity: global warming, poverty and unemployment. This was stated today in his participation in the 2022 Annual Seminar of the Economic and Social Research Consortium (CIES), which takes … Read more

“Urgent, Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel Prize for Literature…”: Yamid Amat, director of ‘6 AM’, and his most euphoric scoop

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

A few minutes after 7:00 am on October 21, 1982, the dispatches of the AP, AFP and EFE agencies began to be received by telex from the newsroom of the Caracol station, on the second floor of the building of Calle 19 No. 8-48, in the center of Bogotá. One of the journalists on the … Read more

Urgent peace truce in the world

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

“Blessed are the peacemakers…”. Sermon on the Mount (Mt.5,1;7,28) According to the adage “if you want peace prepare for war”, attributed to Flavio Vegetius Renato, compiler of the “Epitoma Rei Militaris”, written in the fourth century and widely copied and printed for the first time in 1473 in Utrecht, sovereigns and republics they dogmatically accepted … Read more

Big screen – It is urgent to reconnect with the Étoile Palace cinema in Vichy (Allier)

Big screen It is urgent to reconnect with

The big screen sees black since the Covid, locally in Vichy, as well as nationally. Entries did not ride the wave of the heat wave. No chilling of spectators who generally shunned the halls of the Etoile Palace this summer.Also, attendance continues to fall. From January to the end of August, the cinema recorded 121,515 … Read more

Human Rights: urgent request for treatment of the law against Institutional Violence

1637536575 Human Rights urgent request for treatment of the law against

Former ESMA. As in every edition, the conference seeks to share experiences and take stock of the human rights situation in every corner of the country. In total, eleven thematic commissions were organized: Trials against humanity; Mental Health and Human Rights; Communication and Human Rights; Native peoples and the right to the Land; Institutional Violence; … Read more

It is urgent to prioritize early childhood in the budget

It is urgent to prioritize early childhood in the budget

Since the decision of the Bicameral Budget Commission to resort to resources from the Fund for Excellence in Education and Research (FEEI) was announced, an intense debate has been generated about the relevance of this decision. UNICEF regrets the possible decrease in 2022 of USD 17 million in EIFF resources, adding to a reduction of … Read more