The brutal hunt of the USSR against the father of nuclear fusion: “Russia is a giant concentration camp”

The brutal hunt of the USSR against the father of

This Tuesday, the news was front page in newspapers around the worldwith headlines that spoke of “historical milestone” or “finding that will change the course of the planet.” The researchers of the Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryHowever, they knew that it was a matter of time before this “major scientific breakthrough” of producing unlimited energy from … Read more

Yan Rachinsky, Nobel Peace Prize 2022: “In some aspects we have returned to the USSR with important mechanisms of repression”

Climate Book authenticity in Greta Thunbergs latest work

– Advertising- I was lucky enough to be able to interview the recent Nobel Peace Prize 2022, President of the NGO Memorial that I present here. How has the world changed, especially Russia in these years? During perestroika, everyone had similar ideas. Glasnost brought freedom of expression and free thought and that was vital for … Read more

Russians say goodbye to the last leader of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, at a funeral that was not attended by Putin – KVIA

This is how the red carpet of the MTV Video

Alexandra Ramos Moscow (CNN) Russians said goodbye to the last leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, on Saturday at a funeral that was not attended by President Vladimir Putin. A public farewell ceremony for Gorbachev, who died this week at the age of 91, came to an end even though people were still waiting … Read more

The controversial closure of Memorial, the group that denounced the crimes of the Soviet era and is accused in Russia of tarnishing the “glorious past” of the USSR – BBC News World

1640779255 The controversial closure of Memorial the group that denounced the

2 hours Image source, Reuters Caption, Memorial supporters held signs that read “We Will Live Forever.” Russia’s Supreme Court ordered the closure of Memorial, the country’s oldest human rights group. The organization was able to recover the records of millions of people innocents who were executed, imprisoned or persecuted in the Soviet era. The organization … Read more

30 years without the USSR in the world – Free Feathers

30 years without the USSR in the world Free

Ángel Rafael Martínez / On December 31, 1991, the world witnessed an unimaginable event. The era of the multinational state founded in 1922, by Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov “Lenin”(1870-1924) and together with the Russian-Jewish ideologue Lev Trotsky (1879-1940), carried out the Russian Revolution in October 1917. Creating the first socialist state in the world. Under the … Read more