Les Sables-d’Olonne Vendee. GOLDEN GLOBE RACE GGR: The Story of Robin Knox-Johnston’s Mythical Suhaili

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Golden Globe Race – The story of Robin Knox-Johnston’s mythical Suhaili Suhaili and Joshua on the pontoons for the 2018 GGRthe suhaili by Robin Knox-Johnston and the Joshua by Bernard Moitessier met again on the occasion of the new non-stop and unassisted round the world race from Les Sables d’Olonne, the Golden Globe Race 2018.These … Read more

Vendée Tourisme wants to capture as many “First-minute” bookings as possible

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TourMaG mobile app The department launches a digital campaign Vendée Tourisme has set up a digital campaign which has just started aimed at families and Millennials, with the secret hope of bringing back the “early bookings” which ensure a good start to the season and better cash flow. The first wave is called “La … Read more