Star Wars VIII, The Last Jedis: How many times did Carrie Fisher slap Oscar Isaac during filming?

Star Wars VIII The Last Jedis How many times did

On the occasion of the broadcast of the film Star Wars VIII: the last Jedis on Sunday December 25, 2022, from 11:05 p.m. on TF1, Télé Star reveals the number of slaps that Oscar Isaac received from Carrie Fisher on the filming. Released in cinemas in 2017, the film Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, … Read more

Unicorn Wars, Hunt, La Piedad… the best films seen at L’Etrange Festival 2022

Unicorn Wars Hunt La Piedad the best films seen at

This year, the contemporary program of the Strange Festival offered curiosities of all kinds, some of which will splash in theaters and DVD bins in the months to come. The festival season is in full swing, to the delight and fatigue of the Écran Large editorial team. No question, in any case, of missing the … Read more

From Westerns to ‘Star Wars’, how Akira Kurosawa influenced Hollywood

From Westerns to Star Wars how Akira Kurosawa influenced Hollywood

Sumptuous shots, master scripts and bloody swords… On the occasion of the Akira Kurosawa retrospective at the Cinémathèque, Number looked at how the Japanese filmmaker who died in 1998 influenced Sergio Leone’s cult westerns as much as the saga’s legendary duels Star Wars… Sanjuro, main character of the feature film “Yojimbo” [Le Garde du corps] … Read more

Star Wars or why galaxies collide

If the Universe is expanding and everything separates from everything else, why do galaxies collide with each other? “Because without collision forces, there is no movement and there is no reality” Heraclitus of Ephesus (535-475) BC A century ago, in 1922, the Russian mathematician Aleksandr Fridman published an article where he presented an expanding Universe, … Read more

What The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Cast Said About Returning – GameSpot

Star Wars’ The sequel trilogy was released between 2015 and 2019 with an ensemble cast, here’s what that cast said about whether they would return to a galaxy far, far away. Ideas for a sequel trilogy to George Lucas’ original star wars The trilogy had been discussed by Lucas several times after completing the original … Read more

Argentina: two wars against inflation

Argentina two wars against inflation

Alberto Fernandez and Vladimir Putin Fortunately, there is literature on the subject of inflation that clarifies the issue of exogenous expansion -that is, foreign to market decisions- as the cause of this evil that distorts relative prices. Perhaps it is not necessary to repeat that prices are the only indicators to know how to allocate … Read more

Amy Hennig, with Star Wars and Marvel, what do we know about your two projects?

Amy Hennig with Star Wars and Marvel what do we

One of the industry’s most respected and influential figures, Amy Hennig’s career has seen success and misfortune on many occasions. A long career that leaves his name written in the direction of works such as Legacy of Kain, the Uncharted trilogy and a frustrated attempt to turn Star Wars into an adventure in the purest … Read more

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Finally a date, but at what price?

1649833495 LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga – Finally a date

In the whole history of pop culture, if there is a saga that we had to remember, it would be Star Wars. And that, Disney, since the takeover, has understood very well. By seizing this real goose that lays the golden eggs, the American giant has since continued to develop an entire universe around films … Read more

Emily Greene Balch, the woman Nobel laureate who defended peace in both World Wars

1643685414 Emily Greene Balch the woman Nobel laureate who defended peace

Related news Emily Greene Balch was an international peace leader, social reformer, and teacher who he dedicated his life to working against the war. She spearheaded the women’s peace movement that grew in the mid-20th century, co-founded the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF, 1915) and received the Nobel Peace Prize (1946). He … Read more

REPORT – James Bond, Star Wars … why are the biggest films shot in Iceland?

1639556908 REPORT James Bond Star Wars why are the biggest

The success of Valdimar Jóhannsson’s “Lamb”, in theaters on December 29, showcases the talent and creativity of a small country whose film industry is unlike any other. Report from Iceland. It’s a film that comes from a small country. A land of unique, cold and rocky landscapes. Lamb by Valdimar Jóhannsson makes Iceland shine around … Read more