Contemporary art: the textile art of Turiya Magadlela, a weapon against racist and sexist violence | Knowledge of the Arts

1642179741 Contemporary art the textile art of Turiya Magadlela a weapon

Made of tights, the abstract canvases and installations of the South African visual artist Turiya Magadlela denounce systemic racial and gender violence. It is a huge red and pink arch that we take at the end of the course. Two hundred square meters of tights cut and sewn together, like 19th century African-American quilts or … Read more

Graphene, the definitive weapon against global warming?

Graphene the definitive weapon against global warming

Graphene promises to revolutionize the fight against climate change. This material, which is considered one of the most valuable discovered to date, could improve the batteries that store green energy, optimize the use of fuel by airplanes, capture part of the CO2 that the industry is pouring into the atmosphere and even create clothing that … Read more

The theory of planetary limits: sustainability as a weapon against climate risks

1638757243 The theory of planetary limits sustainability as a weapon against

Related news The scientific community has spent decades warning of climate change and warning of the red lines that must not be crossed. Those limits were what, in 2009, the scientists Johan Rockstrom, from the Stockholm Resilience Center (SRC), and Will Stefen, from the Australian National University, defined as planetary boundaries. They found that there … Read more

Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry discovers the ‘hidden weapon’ of the Delta variant

Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry discovers the hidden weapon of

Just a year after winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Jennifer Doudna has achieved a new breakthrough for science and humanity. The experienced biochemist and her colleagues at the University of California at Berkeley and the Gladstone Institute of Virology (San Francisco) identified in the Delta variant of the coronavirus a mutation that allows it … Read more