Catharsis of businessmen via WhatsApp: unease and anger at the constant advance of tax pressure

1640819575 Catharsis of businessmen via WhatsApp unease and anger at the

The last stretch of the year found businessmen and women intertwining greetings from the weekend with messages loaded with pessimism. The trigger for the business malaise can be summarized in that they admit with dismay that the first concrete consequence of the political scene that emerged from December 10 until now aimed, in different ways, … Read more

Álvaro Uribe asks the Prosecutor’s Office for inspection of the WhatsApp of Juan Manuel Santos

Alvaro Uribe asks the Prosecutors Office for inspection of the

In the last hours, the defense of the former president Alvaro Uribe Velez asked the Prosecutor’s Office and the Chamber’s Indictment Commission to order the immediate inspection of the messages of WhatsApp of former president Juan Manuel Santos Calderón. (We invite you to read: Uribe denounces Santos and Magistrate Linares for calls about his case) … Read more