DVDFr | A Hammer for Witches: The Complete Blu-ray Review

DVDFr A Hammer for Witches The Complete Blu ray Review

The reminder of a terrible witch hunt in Czechoslovakia, at the end of the 17th century, by a filmmaker to discover. Moravia, 1670. For having stolen a host, believing that it was treating her cow which no longer gives milk, an old woman is accused of witchcraft. The lord of the country then summons a … Read more

Adela Muñoz: “Witches were scapegoats, as immigrants are today” | lamarea.com

1647596120 Adela Munoz Witches were scapegoats as immigrants are today

“To the little witch who stole my heart from the day she was born, hoping that among all the mother witches we will leave her a fairer and kinder world for women.” It is the dedication with which it opens witches The madness of Europe in the Modern Age (Debate, 2022), an essay that, focusing … Read more