Susana Baca: “The affection of the public is worth more than the Grammys” [ENTREVISTA]

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

The singer Susana Baca said that she is living beautiful days after being nominated again for the latin grammy for his album ‘Palabras urgentes’ and because he will be reunited with his audience on October 8 at the Grand National Theater. In addition, he points out that many young people go to his concerts and … Read more

From ‘You are worth it’ to the ‘Grammy Awards’: this is how Rosalía’s style has evolved until she became a Motomami

From You are worth it to the Grammy Awards this

Rosalía Vila Tobella, this is the full name of one of the best-known Spanish singers worldwide. Rosalia She was born in San Cugat del Vallés and this week, it is her birthday, since on September 25, the singer will reach 30 years of age. The world star belongs to the generation of 92 from which … Read more

A machine to make hits: how did Bad Bunny to accumulate a net worth of US $ 18 million

A machine to make hits how did Bad Bunny to

the puerto rican bad bunny keep making history. One of her most recent achievements was at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) by obtaining the award for the best artist of the year. A recognition that made him the first musician who does not sing in English to receive it. However, the vocalist was unable … Read more

Christian Nodal: why he said that the Grammys are worth nothing

Christian Nodal added another scandal to his career despite his young age. In addition to the leaked message against his former partner Belinda and her mother, an unpublished audiovisual fragment has begun to go viral on all social networks. What is it about? MORE INFORMATION: Find out how much Christian Nodal spent on the gifts … Read more

Book and comic book releases – What is Bernard Minier’s new heroine worth?

1648923599 Book and comic book releases – What is Bernard Miniers

– What is Bernard Minier’s new heroine worth? “Lucia” comes from Spain to replace Inspector Servan but also a ranking of the 100 best films of the 2010s and songs to discover Molière. What to discuss this weekend! Posted today at 7:33 p.m. Bernard Minier crosses the Pyrenees with “Lucia” Bernard Minier, with multiple interests … Read more

How much is Octavio Paz’s Nobel Prize for Literature coin worth?

1648749273 How much is Octavio Pazs Nobel Prize for Literature coin

Octavio Paz won for Mexico in 1990 the highest world award in the field of literature, a fact that was commemorated in 2010 with the coining of a 20 peso coin in honor of this feat of the most important intellectual of the 20th century for the country. The coin of the twentieth anniversary of … Read more

Oscars 2022: what does the gift box worth more than 100,000 dollars distributed to all the nominees contain?

Oscars 2022 what does the gift box worth more than

The 94th Academy Awards will take place on Sunday March 27 in Los Angeles. For the twentieth consecutive year, all the nominees will leave with gifts. Here’s what’s hidden in the gift bags version 2022. From Kristen Stewart to Will Smith to Javier Bardem and Nicole Kidman, none of the Oscar nominees will go home … Read more

Millions in dance: how much are the catalogs of musical stars worth

1647770152 Millions in dance how much are the catalogs of musical

Last December, Bruce Springsteen sold his entire musical catalog and publishing rights for 500 million dollars to the record company Sony Music, surpassing the figure reached a year earlier by Bob Dylan, for whose musical legacy the Universal Music company paid nearly 400 millions of dollars. Two rock legends, at the head of the musicians … Read more