Vargas Llosa ‘turns’ Isabel Preysler into ‘Madame Bovary’: the writer’s poisoned metaphor

Vargas Llosa turns Isabel Preysler into Madame Bovary the writers

Seeing is believing. Isabella Preysler Y Mario Vargas Llosa They look like two teenagers after their breakup. The queen of hearts announced this Wednesday, exclusively, the end of the relationship of almost eight years and now it has been the Nobel Prize for Literature who has starred in a very significant video, which is especially … Read more

The writers’ associations of Spain ask the State to buy Aleixandre’s house and forget about his file

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

The writers’ associations of Spain have issued a statement asking the different administrations to put an end to the Velintonia abandonmentthe house of the Nobel prize Vincent Alexanderwhich, as we have reported on ABC, is pending auction for 4.6 million euros and it has recently been declared an Asset of Patrimonial Interest (BIP), the second … Read more

Books: 3 Diaspora Indian Writers on Life in Another Cultural Context

The Indian diaspora is one of the largest in the world and many contemporary English-speaking Indian writers have settled outside India, the best known being Salman Rushdie and Amitav Ghosh. The authors Aravind ADIGA, Mirza WAHEED and Prajwal PRAJULY belong to this diaspora and in the books presented in this selection, their characters also live … Read more

Why do contemporary African writers continue to be in the shadow of yesterday’s generation? – BBC News Africa

Why do contemporary African writers continue to be in the

Awa Cheikh Faye and Valorien Noubissi BBC Africa 36 minutes ago Amadou Hampathé Ba, Sembène Ousmane or Norbert Zongo are some of the names of African authors who come up the most when we ask Africans in the French-speaking world about their favorite works. “I read a long letter from Mariama Bâ and also currently, … Read more

Who would Joan Manuel Serrat give the Nobel Prize to? To none of the writers you’re thinking of

Who would Joan Manuel Serrat give the Nobel Prize to scaled

Joan Manuel Serrat, at a press conference in Buenos Aires. (REUTERS/Tomas Cuesta) It was in Buenos Aires, at a press conference. They asked him about the Nobel Prize for Literature. Who would he give it to? Who would have to win it? Joan Manuel Serrat gave a surprise. It was a talk with journalists as … Read more

Writers at Risk: Translating Rushdie, Saviano and the Others

Writers at Risk Translating Rushdie Saviano and the Others

Translation is a very special profession, between transmission and creation, which requires much of the time “, explains Vincent Raynaud. ” It’s doing, redoing… It’s made-to-measure, where each text is a unique model that calls for its own solutions. He highlights the need for a certain mentality, emphasizing that the translator’s work is lived alone, … Read more

Emile Zola: 5 adaptations of the writer’s works for the cinema

Emile Zola 5 adaptations of the writers works for the

Master of naturalism, Emile Zola, who died just 120 years ago this Thursday, September 29, is, along with Honoré de Balzac, one of the most suitable French novelists for cinema. The proof in five films. “Germinal”, by Claude Berri (1993) In this classic of the 7th art, itself adapted from the literary work unveiled in … Read more

Javier Marías left without the Nobel: writers remember his literary legacy

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

A few hours after the news of the death of Javier Marias writer cimbrara on Sunday, September 11 at world literary Spanish Americanwriter and former war reporter Arturo Perez-Reverte wrote in his account Twitter: “That Javier Marias have died without him reward laureate it detracts a lot from the category reward laureate”. Also later in … Read more

Javier Marías, one of the most recognized writers, dies

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

The writer, philologist, academic of the Language and one of the usual Spanish candidates for the Nobel Prize for Literature, Javier Marías Franco, (Madrid, 1951) died yesterday in a hospital in Madrid where he was admitted. In the absence of nine days to turn 71, the also essayist and son of the philosopher Julián Marías … Read more