Songs that Shakira wrote exclusively for her ex

1673599642 Songs that Shakira wrote exclusively for her

We all know the concept of venting our feelings through music. One step further are the professional singers who have written a multitude of songs for their exes. They include Miley Cyrus, who wrote Wrecking Ball for Liam Hemsworth, and Taylor Swift, who has written most of her songs for her ex-boyfriends. Another name added … Read more

The machine with which Gabriel García Márquez wrote ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ is on public display for the first time

The machine with which Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote One Hundred

Painting of Gabriel García Márquez with his Nobel Prize for Literature. Photo: Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 40 years ago, Gabriel García Márquez received the Nobel Prize for Literature and brought the Caribbean to Stockholm, and in front of the Swedish Academy he received the Nobel medal and a diploma. 58 years ago, in Mexico, … Read more

Taylor Swift is directing a movie she wrote

Composer Angelo Badalamenti had worked with David Lynch on ” Twin Peaks ” and ” blue-velvet and introduced dream pop to the general public. Angelo Badalamenti, the Grammy-winning composer who, writing the soundtrack to Twin Peaks and blue-velvetintroduced dream pop to the general public, has passed away. RollingStone confirmed the composer’s death with his manager, … Read more

Julieta Venegas: “People don’t believe that I wrote to Bad Bunny: ‘Don’t be afraid, daddy, come and give me more'” | Celebrities | S Fashion THE COUNTRY

Julieta Venegas People dont believe that I wrote to Bad

The orange light of late summer evenings has the ability to beautify everything it touches. Even the buildings of a Madrid polygon. Behind the windows of one of them, in an already empty room where this photo session has taken place, Julieta Venegas (Long Beach, California, 1970) stands in front of a laptop, turns on … Read more

Chotaro Kawasaki, the Japanese writer who wrote by candlelight on beer crates

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

Peripheral author, fundamental referent of the “novel of the self” in the Japan of the 20th century, when Chotaro Kawasaki At the age of 40, he began to live in a shack next to his parents’ house in the small port town of Odawara, an old warehouse that was used to store nets and other … Read more

Meet Jonathan Larson, The New York Playwright Who Wrote ‘Rent’

Playwright Jonathan Larson died of undiagnosed Marfan syndrome on January 25, 1996 – the same day that Lease was to premiere off-Broadway. Adelphi UniversityJonathan Larson was 35 years old. Jonathan Larson always wanted to be a performer. He played multiple instruments from an early age, sang in choir and landed lead roles in ambitious school … Read more