In old age, Bob Dylan unfolds his youth – Forbes Spain

In old age Bob Dylan unfolds his youth Forbes

In Spain there is always a ‘dylanofilo’ who grabs the torch and leads the race. It is a phenomenon that is very much ours, because in neighboring countries it also occurs, but as a multi-headed hydra. He represented us for years – and Benjamín Prado (61 years old) (the poet who wanted to be a … Read more

“Bunker”: youth, transition and identity | LeMagduCine

1666133132 Bunker youth transition and identity LeMagduCine

Camille Poulie publishes Bunker published by Dupuis, in the “Les Ondes Marcinelle” collection. In transition to adulthood, in search of sexual identity, in crisis of pride, his teenage characters, all cracks, find themselves during a summer that will redefine them touch by touch. The authenticity that emerges from the feature film Between the walls, Palme … Read more

The 14 French films that best watched the youth of their time – Les Inrocks

On the occasion of the theatrical release of the mythical “La Maman et la Putain”, a panorama of films that were able to mirror the youth of their time. What is a generational film? It is an image which, at some point in our life, looks at us at the same time as a deforming … Read more

Cannes: septuagenarian festival seeks new youth

Cannes septuagenarian festival seeks new youth

The Palme d’Or made by the jeweler Chopard for the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, May 10, 2022 in Meyrin, near Geneva (AFP / PIERRE ALBOUY) Will the most followed tiktokeur in Europe, Khaby Lame, eclipse Tom Cruise? For its 75th edition, the Cannes Film Festival, a venerable meeting place for world cinema, … Read more

“South Korea, by targeting youth, has been shaking up global pop culture for twenty years”

Emmanuel Macron, to emphasize that youth is a goal, celebrated his victory by marching with children. How to seduce this fragmented and contradictory youth, many of whom have deserted the polls, out of disinterest or hostility? Let us recommend to the re-elected president a wonderful book: K-pop. Soft power and global culture (PUF, 324 pages, … Read more

In “L’embrasée”, her new youth novel, Guadeloupean author Estelle-Sarah Bulle reaffirms her art as a storyteller

In Lembrasee her new youth novel Guadeloupean author Estelle Sarah Bulle

From his first novel Where the dogs bark by the tail ” published in 2018 by Lian Lévi, Estelle-Sarah Bulle who decided, in her forties, to devote herself exclusively to writing, has revealed herself as a writer in her own right in the fairly restricted circle of literature. French. This first work which, while mixing … Read more

The secret of eternal youth? Scientists rejuvenated a woman’s skin by 30 years

1649445290 The secret of eternal youth Scientists rejuvenated a womans skin

The research is still in the early stages, but it opens the door to extending health in later stages of human life, since the objective is not to lengthen life itself, but to improve its quality (Getty Images) Living longer and better is a debate that has been at the center of the biotech ethics. … Read more

UNAM and the Swedish embassy in Mexico call for the 2022 National Youth Water Award

UNAM and the Swedish embassy in Mexico call for the

The National Autonomous University of Mexico, through the UNAM Water Network, the Regional Center for Water Security under the auspices of UNESCO and the Swedish embassy in Mexico, announced the call for the National Youth Water Award (PNJA) 2022. It is aimed at Mexican students between the ages of 15 and 20 enrolled in secondary … Read more

Peter Handke: ‘I really wanted to kill the one who invented that my mother was from Nazi youth’

1647115810 Peter Handke I really wanted to kill the one who

A man storms out of his house, his mother has been slandered! He’s Peter Handke, the avenger, and is ready to lash out at the world. Anger dominates him and he will kill anyone who stands before him. Don’t be scared, it’s not the real world, but something much better: the new novel of the … Read more

Belfast: how did Kenneth Branagh draw inspiration from his youth for this beautiful Oscar-nominated film?

Belfast how did Kenneth Branagh draw inspiration from his youth

Accompanied by his actors Jamie Dornan, Caitriona Balfe and Ciaran Hinds, Kenneth Branagh evokes “Belfast”, a film inspired by his childhood in Ireland. Thor in Phase I of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The rebirth of Jack Ryan on the big screen. The transposition of Disney’s Cinderella live. Two luxurious adaptations of Agatha Christie, and a … Read more